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Would you like to do international volunteering during your holidays but you don´t know where to start, how to organize it or what can you bring to the organization you work with? If you are looking for answers to these questions, in we are going to do a quick tour through the different types of volunteering that exist, their goals and what to expect from each one. Key issues when making your choice, contribute and get the most out of your experience as a volunteer so...let ´s answer these questions!

What types of volunteering do exist?

Volunteering typologies can be very varied according to the aspect we have into account when classifying. There´s volunteer programs according to the project´s aim, the involvement and time devoted by the volunteer or his activity inside the organization. Volunteering Platform in Spain  divides them into social action volunteering, focused on the local level; action for development volunteering, which has an international character and virtual volunteering, for causes that do not require physical presence.


Involvement and activity

Afrikable has different volunteering programs that fit within the three types abovementioned. On the one hand, we have social action volunteering which is the one done by volunteers from Spain by organizing street markets and information days to improve awareness; on the other hand we have action for development volunteering the one that takes place in Lamu and finally, virtual volunteering the one done by volunteers from their homes, like maintaining the website or doing different communication actions.

Voluntario EscuelaFurthermore, there is another way of collaboration: through the volunteer holidays program. Inside this program, volunteers take part in a  specific area of the project that allows them to get involved and to get to know another reality. It is a real cultural exchange that offers the possibility of getting to know different ways of living because we cannot forget that after this experience, volunteers go back home with a backpack full of everything they learn, that is a lot.

If you decide to enroll this program, during your experience you will be accompanied by the volunteer holiday program coordinator, a volunteer who acts as an ambassador for the volunteers. He will guide you and help you so you get the most out of your experience. The coordinator is a long term volunteer who takes part directly on the program development and implementation. However, as a volunteer, more than analyzing the profile two aspects should be evaluated: involvement and awareness.

Voluntaria Recreo

 Involvement and awareness

Your involvement implies being opened to change things, to give in, to lose control capacity and to be willing to be influenced by new learning beyond the mere performance of a task. This experience should work as an awareness tool, that will lead you to the direct knowledge of a reality that you will be able to share with your environment in the future. Because raise awareness means transmitting strength, enthusiasm and energy to change other people feelings and attitudes. Raise awareness means develop consciousness and mobilize change. Are you ready to take part on our holidays program? If yes, the first step is training.


Afrikable training

Training and information are essential when selecting a volunteering program so it meets your expectations. This is the reason why it is mandatory attending to the training sessions organized by Afrikable in Madrid and Barcelona because it facilitates your involvement in the organization, it gives you the opportunity to meet the human team and it motivates your action in the NGO. Don´t forget that in these meetings you can meet future colleagues to share this unforgettable experience.

There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the WILL. – Albert Einstein

Author: Estefanía Vera | Translator: Estefanía Rodríguez

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