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They arrive early in the morning, at eight, and say good morning to the rest of their colleagues with a smile on their faces. Work starts and they chat cheerfully, but they are also focused and quiet when the tasks require it —cutting the fabric, sewing bracelets, making sandals… That’s the daily life of Afrikable’s women, work days without trouble or fanfare but which have become a driving force to provide for their families.

A job in Lamu means a great boost to face some of the problems suffered by the island’s women, many of them resultant from the widespread situation of extreme poverty (that is to say, incomes of less than 1 dollar a day to survive.) Added to this are hair-raising situations: women victims of maltreatement or household heads in charge of taking care of all their children and their homes. How would their reality be without Afrikable? Like that of hundred of women who live in that same city, under those same conditions, and who go out into the streets to fight for the dignity of their families.

Since 2009, Afrikable has helped in the fight against poverty by employing more than 80 women en cuatro grupos productores diferentes. in four different producer groups. Thanks to your contributions, the visit of volunteers through the Volunteer Holidays program and the shoes company Alma en Pena, we make a change.

You have helped to change the economic situation of Afrikable’s women but, moreover, you have believed in them and made them visible. I still remember Lola’s word, president of the association, telling us that she and Merche, vice president, had even asked for permission to the husbands of some maasais women so that they could work as part of Afrikable’s Fair Trade projects (in some countries such situation would scandalize us.) They accepted, as they realized it would be a source of economic incomes, so this is how it happened but, beyond that, they are women who gained freedom… Aren’t those enough reasons to bet on these invisible heroines?.

Author: Carmen García | Translator: Ara Calavia

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In Kenya our association is called Afrika Able Organization and is registered with Kenya's NGO Coordination Board under number 10976.


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