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Moritet was one of the little girls that mark your like without wanting it. She arrived in Afrikable in 2010 from Amboseli with her aunt Joyce, with an illness that required constant treatment and a lot of medical care. In Lamu she found a new life… the girl’s life that she deserved. In Afrikable she attended preschool and the following year, as she was very smart, she was ready for primary school. She was always first of her class, and she felt embarrassed if we congratulated her. She was so shy that you would have wanted to eat her in between giggles and tickles.

Moritet y Maka

In Afrikable she got an adequate feeding that alongside with medical care from Fundación Pablo Horstman Hospital, made Moritet get well rapidly and her illness was under control. She played with other kids, leaving behind her suffering and premature adult life.

She was so responsible, that with only 10 years old, she controlled her medicine and doctor’s visits. As she was so mature, we explained the importance of her illness from the beginning and we established protocols on how she should act in different situations. She grew up in Afrikable, conquering thousands of hearts with her shyness, which are broken now with her loss.

At a certain point, Moritet’s family in Amboseli claimed that she had be with her mother. The family needed incomes to survive, as Moritet’s father had passed away and they were in a difficult situation. They needed her back in Amboseli so she could work and help the family’s economy. Afrikable offered the mother a job in the project, but she refused due to her health (probably the same illness as Moritet). Then the family was offered economic help, so that Moritet could stay in Lamu and have a decent life. A life.


A year ago, her aunt wanted to go back to Amboseli to give birth to her second child. The first one, little Moiae, passed away after a week of his birth, in Lamu District Hospital. That is why for the birth of her second child, Joyce wanted to go back to Amboseli, with good reason, she did not trust in Lamu’s hospital assistance. There is no safe place to give birth in Lamu, so women prefer to have their babies at home, assuming major risks and sometimes fatal consequences, as what happened to little Moiae.

Moritet went back with her, despite the fact that we all knew her health was going be seriously affected. We tried many different ways to make Moritet stay, but in the end she decided to go back with her family in Amboseli while her aunt gave birth. Everything went fine, and Joyce had a beautiful girl, but she suffered a tremendous postpartum depression that kept her in bed the whole time. Joyce’s family took her to every doctor they could, they even travelled to Tanzania. Little by little, she got better and lately she was fully recovered. Unfortunately, two weeks ago, she lost her baby, but this time was pneumonia.

Meanwhile, Moritet was in Amboseli, probably without her medicine, an adequate feeding, missing classes, until she left us too. Her tiny little body could not resist any longer and decided to leave, without letting us make a final effort for her. And here we are, devastated, heartbroken…

This is a tragic story, but what is even more tragic is that Moritet’s story with other names, faces, illnesses and families is constantly repeated in Lamu, Kenia, Africa. And it is not fair. It is terribly unfair. That is why, Moritet’s marks give us much more strength to keep on fighting to change the world, from our little project in Lamu Island, which is big for so many families.

Moritet y Lola

Goodbye mpendeza, my little Moritet… From where you are, give us the strength to move forward, and keep fighting to improve the conditions of other girls and women. We love you and we will never forget you.Moritet y Naim








Author: Lola Serra | Translator: Celi Pecorelli.

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