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Maternity Home: Let’s get to it! Featured

We’ve received the first donations for the new Afrikable project, the Maternity Home and along with it comes hope and expectation of a healthier and fairer future for women in Lamu.

Last Friday we placed the first stone for the reproductive and maternity center for women in extreme poverty and risk of social exclusion. It was a very special moment because this project that we have been working on and that so many women need is now a reality.

PrimeraPiedra fase2 mh 00

For the second phase of the project we need to collect €15.000, and during the first two weeks of the project we raised €1.100, which allowed us to start building the center.

There are many people involved in this project, many hands and hearts that want to turn this dream into a reality, and that is just beautiful. Did you know that with only €5 we can buy 20 stone blocks?. Every small donation is a great impulse for the project. Join and collaborate!

Cimientos fase2 mh

You can also participate in one of the many events that we’ll have, or you can also organize one, are you up for it?.

On October 22nd we’ll be in the first GBike Festival organized by the Altafit de Talavera gym. That weekend we’ll also participate in San Fernando Social Economy Fair, in Madrid. No plans for the weekend? Come and join us!

On October 31st we’ll be celebrating Afrikable’s 7th anniversary with a Jazz concert with Walking Jazz Ensemble in Honky Tonk in Madrid… Great plan that you can’t miss! Mark it on your calendar!

There are many more events: two solidary marathons in Cádiz and Córdoba, a couple of concerts, a solidary indoor cycling event, and even a magic event! If you’d like to organize a solidary event in your city to contribute, you can contact us by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I’d like to thank everyone who is collaborating and trusted in us from the beginning and supported the project, the new partners and those who help us keep Afrikable alive, so that many women can have a decent life.

Asante sana!

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Like Galeano said:
"They are small things. They don’t end poverty, they don’t stop underdevelopment, they don’t socialize production or change means, they don’t expropriate Ali Baba’s caves. But maybe they unchain the joy of doing, and turn them into acts. In the end, to act according to the reality and change it, even a little bit, is the only way to prove that reality is transformable."


Author: Lola Serra | Translator: Celi Pecorelli

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