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"And I have to say, I fell in love, I fell in love with the human quality that exists in Afrikable, Lamu. There are feelings that cannot be explained, but I will try to get you a little bit of how much I felt.

One of the best moments is when you arrive at the shamba and you feel at home, feel happiness and peace, feel energy to hang 5 or 6 children and go greeting woman by woman giving them good morning, see come from afar a child who comes with open arms, showing her smiling, letting you see his 3 teeth and taking awkward but determined steps towards you, that children shout your name from the other end of the shamba and you melt inwardly, that the women come to you and give you their most precious good, their babies, to be the one to take care of them. If you thought you had reached the top of a morning happiness, there will always come a woman who, with her hand, will touch your heart, who, with her eyes, will fill you with affection.

The island gives no choice to stress or European rhythm, to problems or bitterness, to the ballasts that you can bring, you return your feet to the ground with the "pole pole" and "hakuna matata" and they are saying "hey! Life has to be lived, there's no hurry, no problem to take away your smile."

If we talk about important things on the island we will talk about music, they carry it in heart and veins, in every part of Afrikable, in the orma town, in the dhow, in the houses, in Lamu, in every part wherever you are there will always be someone singing or making music with any improvised instrument. Silence is a precious commodity but it surpasses what you feel every time they sing.

The best experience of my life has been to go with Afrikable. There came my best version, three months in which every second is a life, in which to enjoy and let go will make you feel really full and happy.

I wrote this last year in December flying to Spain back, and it's exciting to keep feeling the same but even more intense, stronger, deeper, more beautiful."


Translator: Sheila Castro

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