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"Two and a half months have passed since I returned from Lamu, and still had not be able to write a word and if someone asks me the reason I don't know what it is, I suppose it will be the same for which I couldn't make an album, or for which I still cannot explain much of what it feels...

This begins at the beginning, doesn't it? Well, the beginning is to get off the plane with a million of illusions, nerves and some fears. There, your coordinator is waiting for you, with a smile of those which invade, which blind, when I saw her, I wondered, where does she get it? And an hour later, when you get to the shamba, you understand...

Two months later I'm still waking up in the morning and recalling the sound of their laughter, the colours of their clothes, the joy of their gaze and their morning hugs full of energy, which invades and revitalizes you.

Thanks to Afrikable I discovered that dreams are reality that the hugs are for real, that greetings cheer up one day and that smiles can win a thousand battles.

Thanks to my coordinator Anita and Cristina for making everything easy, for getting closer to their family, because although of different race, beliefs, culture... they are their family.

I guess if I have to define my experience the word is THAK YOU, the adjective is INCREDIBLE, the verbs are SMILE, ADMIRATE, LEARN, REACT.

And, of course, thanks to the September holidaymakers for the nights of endless laughter, for the mornings full of sand, for the afternoons of talks and for your human quality.

And, as always, congratulations LOLA and MERCHE, I admire you and each of the women of AFRIKABLE, I take a little of each inside me."

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