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Can I be an actor of change? We often ask ourselves this question and Paula knows the answer well, she decided to enjoy last August a solidarity holiday in Afrikable. Here she met the project and the group of women who form it, she verified that their empowerment s a living reality and day to day we have to work to maintain it.

Paula said "I can act to bring about change" when she met our dream, the construction of a Centre for Reproductive and Maternal Health. She works at BCG a company that though its Social Responsibility program and its commitment acts for the improvement of society, she puts us in touch with BCG and we were able to accede to the campaign "BCG Colabora", being one of the projects selected this year.

Thanks to Paula and BCG our future dream is our present and within a very short time we can enjoy in Afrikable a new Gynaecological Consultation in which we plan to offer free care to more than 200 women a month, in quality gynaecological assistance, follow-up of pregnancy and training and sensitization on Women's Health issues.

Thank you BCG for your confidence and for collaborating with the empowerment of women in Lamu.


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Author: Lidia Jimeno | Translator: Sheila Castro

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