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Joining forces for the maternity and delivery ward Featured

It’s April already, months go by and Magret is back at Afrikable after her maternal leave with little Sangale. She is very happy because in the end her delivery went well, although she stills remembers the moments of terror experienced when she had to give birth on her own at home, in front of her other two kids aged 2 and 3. Fortunately Afrikable’s Maternity Home will open its doors very soon and we will be able to prevent these risk situations for mothers and babies.

Months go by and the second phase of the project, the gynecology ward, is practically a reality thanks to BCG’s help. We have already used half the funds they offered us and as soon as we get the other half in June, the consulting room will be ready.

But that’s not all... thanks to Proyecto Esperanza help that decided to focus all its actions this year on supporting the third phase of the Maternity Home Project, alongside all the support received from the proceeds of the Volunteer Holidays draw, all events held, concerts, occasional donations, members and many more, we are about to make the maternity ward a dream come true within a few months. We still need a little push, but we will get there!



What sets the Maternity Home project apart from other projects we have launched, besides the aim itself, is that it will become a reality thanks to the participation of hundreds of people who have supported us by buying 2.5 euros tickets or people like Eva, who is mobilising the staff at the hospital where she works in order to get hospital furniture, which is essential to put the clinic into operation :)

A thousand thanks to everyone, to all those hundreds of people who have contributed in one way or another so that every day we get closer to seeing this dream come true.

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Author: Lola Serra | Translator: Sonia Moscardó

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