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Maternity Home: Sexuality workshop for teenagers Featured

Jambo! Jambo! We are Isa, María and Arantxa, three midwives who landed in Afrikable a month ago to collaborate on the Maternity Home.

Over the past few weeks, there have been many experiences that have surprised, enriched and challenged us and have brightened the smile of the women and children who welcome us every day at Afrikable.

One of the activities we enjoyed the most was the sexuality workshop given to teenagers. With a somewhat apprehensive but receptive start, we gathered ten teenagers with whom we talked about STDs, HIV, unwanted pregnancy, and safe and responsible sexuality, in a framework of laughter and games where trust and engagement grew exponentially. .

Taller Sexualidad 01

At the end many of them left with their doubts resolved, clearer ideas and the door open to continue evolving as confident and empowered people. It has been a pleasure for us to share time and confidences with them, adding it to the list of unforgettable experiences in Lamu, a list that luckily hasn’t ended...


Authors: Arantxa Merino, María Rami and Isabel Fernández | Translator: Sonia Moscardó

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