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Betty Featured

When Betty was little her parents got divorced. Her older brothers went to live with her father, and she stayed with her mother. Her mother was always sick and she usually had to be absent from school to help her. At the age of 9 she decided to leave school and seek a job as a domestic employee to be able to bring money to her home.

At 15 she met the man whom she married a bit later, but their relationship didn’t work out… There was never any money in the house, he abused her, and when she got pregnant she decided to leave home to be able to provide her son with a better future. When she was 16 her friend taught her to make multicolor decorations for sandals. She used to visit factories to try to find out if they had a job and if she could make some sandals. Otherwise, she used to ask people to wash their clothes. If she didn’t find any work, they could not eat that day.

Betty is a really good worker, she is very productive in her work, so she has a good salary on Afrikable. Since she is in this project, her life has changed drastically: she can send money to her mother, she has requested her ID card, and as soon as she gets it she wants to open a savings account for her and another for her son. She would not want her son to suffer what she had to suffer in her life. Betty is only 18 years old.

Translator: Rocío Catalano

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