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"I am not good at writing but I will try and transmit what these holidays meant to me. I will start by saying that it really has exceeded my expectations. When I was about to leave Spain, I already knew what this project was about but after being there I could understand better what the real necessities of those women and their families are. And now I absolutely believe in the project and I can say that all of you have my support.

The relationship with the women and, specially in my case, with their children, has been amazing. I will not be able to forget the smiles of the children and their hugs, no matter what. That afternoon in the village when the women opened their houses’ doors for us, we shared dances, laughs, tea and pastries… We felt so welcomed by them that we could not contain our tears. It is difficult to explain what we felt at that moment…it was maybe one of the more intense moments that I lived in there, wonderful and unforgettable.

I can add to this the fact of meeting a lot of wonderful people in the group. The volunteers and the two coordinators, Marta and Lidia, were from the start one more of the group without forgetting the performance of their roles and, without them, nothing would have been the same. My little family in Lamu. As you say, we cannot forget that we go there on holiday and, in that way, I can say that these holidays have been the best of my life. The smile is still on my mouth. That may mean something."

Translator: Paula Aparicio

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In Kenya our association is called Afrika Able Organization and is registered with Kenya's NGO Coordination Board under number 10976.


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